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Submitted on
October 13, 2011


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Commissions [ FULL ]

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2011, 8:50 PM


[ FULL ]
10 slots per batch.
You can order however many you'd like per slot.


  • I do not have a waitlist. Please wait for the next opening if I am full.
  • Will not draw: R-18, anthro, from RL photo/description, mecha, armour, some weapons. I won't completely redesign an outfit for you.
  • Will draw: humans (please take a look at my gallery to get an idea of what I can or am good at drawing); Girls preferred!
  • If there's something artists tend to forget to draw on your character please mention it to me in the notes!


  • PAYPAL ONLY ($USD) - send payments to
  • I will note you if you got a slot. Commissions must be paid in full before I start.
  • Please choose to send as GIFT to family/friends and put only your USERNAME on the note section. That's it!


  • You may order multiple pieces as long as there are slots available.
  • Full refunds may be given at my discretion.
  • You have the right to use the image for personal purposes.
  • Do not use commissioned art unless you are the owner or were granted permission by the owner.
  • I reserve the right to the images, including uploading to art portfolios and to use as samples. All commissions will be uploaded to DA unless other arrangements are made.
  • You may request a character substitution as long as I have not started your commission. Please re-fill out the form if I agree.


Animated Mini-chibis - $18 USD (excluding paypal fees)
[Props or animals not included. $3 extra; unless its like super simple like a ball or w/e lol]
Will do couples for 2x normal price + $5.

Please note small details like designs in the eye or patterns on the clothes may not look as clear because of the small size. Actual resolution uploaded. Blinking included.

C: Cinderella1992 by SunfloriiC: Merollet by SunfloriiC: Vaniraa 2 by Sunflorii
C: Antachii by SunfloriiC: Vaniraa 1 by SunfloriiC: Rengris 4 by Sunflorii

Send form via note!
First come first serve.

I am allowing slot claims/reservations if I have slots OPEN, but you must send the ref and payment within three business days.

----- fill the following out for each character
♦ STYLE: animated minichibi ( single / couple )
♦ REFERENCE: up to three, or link to gallery - one fullbody required
♦ HAIR & EYE COLOUR: it's hard to tell sometimes
♦ ADDITIONAL INFO: anything I need to know about the character. This is optional. Please avoid vague words.
♦ CHARACTER OWNER: If you're ordering for a friend, etc. For credit purposes when I upload.

---- fill out this and put it at the very bottom of your order
♦ YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL: For payment verification. Put your DA username on the payment as a note on the transaction. ***
♦ TOTAL: Prices do not cover fees, please send extra to cover fees ($0.30+2.9%), otherwise send as gift.


1. oreoocookiez :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
2. rerolune :star-empty: :star-empty: +
3. sushi-rabu :star-empty: [paid]
4. FrizzChan :star-empty:
5. threewiishes
6. Yuu-Tanni
7. InuMochi :star-empty: [paid]
8. Saibraeus
9. remsellec :star-empty: :star-empty:
10. dinictiis

WIP Legend
:star-empty: = not started or sketching
:star-half: = lining or CGing
:star: = completed

Waiting payment from Sanctive (aka Amourin aka Rinrii) $10 cancelled e-check [June 2013]

Commission plug! :star:

Commissions [Open]Hey guys, it's been awhile and I've been pretty dead.. Busy with life and stuff //weep. I need to open some commissions so I can get my sub back!
Offering Chibis like:   

Price: 12$ USD (+ extra for complexity) [$12.66 USD if you get paypal fee]
Couples are double the price The style will be MOST similar to the sample on the left (girl) I draw on very large canvases, so you can tell me if you want the 100% resolutions, but generally I shrink them to 50% Complexities include: animals, weapons, backgrounds 
You will receive the picture with a transparent BG, or a solid/pattern if you request! 
Will not draw: R-18, realistic, some weapons, clutter Will draw: Humans (prefer males), fanart, avatars, OCs.. most things.Please give me at least a month to finish the commission. Ask me f
To claim a slot, please send me a note.
Payment - Paypal Only (USD Only)
Animated 50x50 Pixel Icon - $5

Cel-Shaded Waist - $15 (+ $10 per person)

Semi-Realism Bust - $20

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